Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hailey Family

The beautiful Hailey family! Love this family! I even get a work out when I take their pictures! Their precious little 2 year old girl doesn't care for staying still! And what a sweet big brother she has!
I took the kids pictures earlier in the year, and then got to take pictures of the family this time! YAY!
Also...visit the website Talk about some great smelling candles! They will make your whole house smell wonderful! Julie Hailey is one of the founders!

Perez Family

I was so excited to get to photograph this family! This was Parker's kindergarten teacher who he absolutely LOVED! What an awesome teacher she is! And what an awesome, fun family they are!

Hinson Family

I am a little behind on my blog has been a little crazy lately! Baseball, gymnastics, basketball, teaching full time, 2 kids, and photography! Whew!
Here is the Hinson family. Katelynn was such the model and Landon was such a trooper! These are our vacationing partners over the summer! Such a good looking family!

Klein Family

Look at this beautiful family! I have known Erika for 30 something years, as her little sister is my best friend. She asked me to take pictures of her family after they adopted Heyab. Talk about a precious boy with the best personality! This family is so much fun! Enjoy the pictures!